Hybrid boats

Combine a traditional fuel generator with a battery- powered system based on DC/DC to make a hybrid boat. Charge your batteries from the wind and move the boat freely without the need for it in the harbour.

An isolated and bidirectional 28kW DC/DC was developed for a yacht with several aims.
  • Charge the battery with the energy generated from the boat propeller through the DC-link
  • Supply the drive directly from the battery in order to move in full electric mode
  • When yacht is in sailing mode and all generators are out of service (no 3x400Vac available and no DC-link voltage), because the generator is an asynchronous squirrel induction machine an external power to magnetizing is needed.
    • epic power DC/DC converter supply 600Vdc to the DC-link with a soft start with current limit. So, it means it is possible to start running the generator under any circumstance.
Low side Voltage range [V] High side Voltage range [V] Power [W]
EPC 028k0 0600-0048 830~430Vdc 110~630Vdc 28.000