DC/DC converters


EPC systems conform the new generation of bidirectional DC/DC Converters. EPCs (Epic Power Converters) are suitable for a huge number of applications ranging from industrial ones to applications in the field of renewable energies.

Bidirectional high-efficient DC/DC power converters. With a wide range of voltage levels in both sides, the EPCs are capable to manage power in both directions.

Allied with the sun
EPC - Power converters

What is it?

As a typical application the low side voltage can be connected to batteries or ultracapacitors to feed any drive (VVVF) directly  through the DC link.

This allows the system to continue in  operation in case of lack of mains  supply. It also allows for off-grid applications where there is no three-phase mains  available or for example in automatic warehouses when the platforms are moving  off-grid.


  • Ultra-high efficiency, achieved with silicon carbide transistor technology.
  • Scalable with easy paralellization.
  • Galvanic isolation.
  • Maintains the DC link voltage in the absence of main supply.
  • Soft pre-charge of the DC link. Suitable to switch ON and OFF the drive as many times as required in order to save energy and life expectancy of the inverter.
  • Automatic change of power flow to stabilize either input or output voltage without stopping voltage regulation.
  • CAN communication available to implement voltage or current control and transmit relevant measurements of operation parameters (voltage, power, current, temperatures, etc.).
  • Customized versions available upon request.
EPC - Power converters

Supply any Drive from batteries.

  • Enables off-grid applications.
  • System continues in operation even in case of blackout.

Energy Recovery System.

  • With lift platforms, elevators, cranes, the system can be used to recover automatically the braking energy storing the energy in batteries, ultracapacitors, hydrogen cells, etc. Later this energy can be returned to the system and reused.

Ships co-powered with batteries.

  • An EPC can be the key connection between any energy storage system and the drive.
  • In order to reduce the consumption / emissions in the movements in port (according to environmental regulations) or simply to make a boat hybrid.

Reduce peak power consumption.

  • EPCs can provide peak power consumption during short intervals in some applications in order to reduce the maximum peak contracted with the energy company.

Easy use of renewable sources of energy.

  • Different supply sources (solar, wind, etc.) can be connected to have several generation sources.

Range of products and technical information

Table EPC - Power converters


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