Independent company providing power electronics to enhance any lift efficiency

Energy savings

Our systems save energy that is otherwise lost and therefore we contribute to save money directly reducing electricity costs.

Energy efficiency

We increase the overall efficiency of systems and improve the rated class.

Competitive support for your company

We add value to your products with our technology.

A better future

We contribute to a better future, enabling a reuse of energy that is otherwise lost as heat.


New HomeLift Intelligent Supply System, HISS

Homelift Intelligent Supply System, HISS, is an electronic system that can completely feed a homelift elevator from a low-peak power Simple, regenerative, trips in case of blackout… Even more… Solar connectivity More info here

8 February 2017 | Read full article

New range of Bidirectional DC-DC Converters

Supply any motor drive from batteries! EPC systems conform the new generation of bidirectional DC/DC Converters launched by epic power. Take a look!

8 February 2017 | Read full article